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The Town of Washington, Connecticut

Land Use Commissions

Land Use Commissions:

Conservation Commission
Historic District Commission
Inland Wetlands Commission
Planning Commission
Zoning Commission
Zoning Board of Appeals

The links above lead to detailed information about each Commission, including:

Meeting dates
Application deadlines
When to apply for a permit
Frequently asked questions
Little-known land use facts

See our Forms page for application forms.
See our Land Use Brochure ( 16 pages) for an overview of land use in Washington.

The Land Use Offices are located in the lower level of Bryan Memorial Town Hall, Washington Depot and are open 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM except for holidays and vacations. Please save yourself aggravation. Call to make an appointment or to find out whether the person you need to speak with will be in. Although the offices are open all day, many of the staff are part time or have job responsibilities, which require that they spend part of their time out in the field. Do not hesitate to call us. No question is too crazy or too trivial.

Phone and Fax Numbers:

Land Use Commission Personnel and Office Hours:

All commissions file information according to STREET ADDRESS. Please provide the number and street when requesting information about a particular property.


All commissions meet in the Land Use Meeting Room, lower level, Bryan Memorial Town Hall, Washington Depot. Completed application forms must be submitted before noon on the Wednesday the week before a meeting in order to be listed on the agenda for that meeting.

The exceptions are:

  1. Historic District Commission: Applications must be in 18 days prior to the meeting and
  2. Zoning Board of Appeals: Applications for variances must be in 21 days prior to the meeting.
If you have a problem meeting the above deadlines, please call the appropriate department to ask if it would be possible to accommodate you.

Connecticut Zoning Statutes

See the General Statutes of Connecticut, Volume 2, Title 8, Chapter 124: Zoning

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