Seal: Washington, Connecticut; Founded 1779
The Town of Washington, Connecticut

Washington Ambulance Association

Emergency: 911
Or, if 911 fails, 868-7300
(Litchfield County Dispatch)

Telephone: 860-868-7913

U.S. Mail Address:
Washington Ambulance Association
P.O. Box 294
Washington Depot, CT 06794

Street Address:
Washington Ambulance Association
109 Bee Brook Road
Washington Depot, CT 06794

Web Site:


The Washington Ambulance Association responded to 198 requests for emergency medical services during the year 2007-08. These ranged from standbys at fire calls and minor incidents to major trauma and serious illness. Our Regional Paramedic was automatically dispatched or requested by us 48 times. Life Star Aero-Medical helicopter was used 6 times for transport of a patient to a Trauma Center. Most of our patients went to New Milford Hospital, unless we were in a part of town where Charlotte Hungerford Hospital was closer. Of our patients, 145 were ill, and 53 had traumatic injuries.

We would like to express our sincere appreciation to the Washington Lions Club for their support and to the Washington Police and Fire Departments for their assistance when responding to calls. While many services around the state have begun billing for services, we do not. We are able to operate through funding provided by your donations and the support of the Lion’s Club. These contributions are greatly appreciated.

The ambulance has been very fortunate in having personnel available during the day. Our personnel are highly trained and dedicated (over 2,000 hours) in order to serve the Town of Washington. During this year we conducted three EMS Education courses and are delighted to add six new emergency medical technicians and medical response technicians to our roster. The Fire Department’s Rescue One and Rescue Two trucks respond with medically trained personnel when the ambulance is on another call.

With the New Year upon us, we are facing increasing challenges in emergency medical services. Because of our training and dedication, we are poised to meet these challenges.

We are looking forward to becoming a “Heart Safe Community,” having automatic defibrillators positioned strategically around town to immediately treat a heart attack victim. This community award will be presented to us in early Spring.

We are always looking for more help, especially during the day. If you are interested in joining us, please call 860-868-7913 or come to one of our meetings which are held at the Depot Firehouse every second Tuesday at 7:30 pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Susan Wallace-Wyant, Chief of Operations

Annual Reports:

See the Town Annual Report for yearly reports on the activities of the Washington Ambulance Association.

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